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Sarah - booking appointmentAppointments can be made via telephone on Sheffield 0114 2390022 Gleadless Townend.  You can also make bookings online below.  As a way of adapting to a new way of working to reduce the risk of contracting the Coronavirus, we recommend our new telehealth service.  You can benefit from a professional consultation in the comfort of your own home via your computer screen. 

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We are very busy at the moment so you may be invited to leave a message but rest assured, you will receive a call back as quickly as possible.Mark Roe Sports Injury Physiotherapist Sheffield








Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is a lengthy one but you can be reassured that we will not use it for anything other than legitimate communication with you and also to be able to identify you from eg other patients with the same name.  We will use your email and mobile telephone numbers to confirm your appointment times or email your personal exercise/stretching programmes.  We will also not retain it for longer than is legally required.  It's not our style to blitz you with regular emails.  We sometimes send an annual newsletter but not always.  Most of our patients love the reminders as it helps them manage their diaries or jogs their memories the day before.  You can of course go old school and choose to use your memory - please let us know if you do not want your contact details storing on our database.




To cover the costs of general inflation, PPE and extended allowance for appointment times, our prices have increased with effect from 01/07/20.  


For up-to-date prices on our various therapies, please contact us on 0114 2390022 or head over to our "News" page at  We believe we are extremely competitively priced and offer excellent value for money considering the highly experienced therapists we have.   


Coronavirus Booking information

Booking information and Entrance Protocol for Face to Face Appointments


Thank you for your patience during this time. Some of the lengths we must go to make us all safe will be quite honestly, rather inconvenient. However, the impact of the virus on some families has been catastrophic so we must do all we can to follow the guidance, reduce the spread, protect the NHS and save lives.  In light of the increased risk of contracting Coronavirus, we are now also offering online/virtual appointments. If this is not possible and your therapist can justify a face to face consultation, please find below changes to the way in which we will be conducting appointments:


  1. We are seeing face-to-face appointments but you should consider a "remote" or telehealth appointment instead of face to face appointments.  Where you are eligible for a face to face appointment, you should accept that whilst we will reduce the risks of you contracting  Coronavirus, we can not eliminate it completely.  You will be screened for Coronavirus symptoms prior to your appointment.
  2. You must wear a face covering/mask but not gloves when attending the clinic unless social distancing can be achieved. (some exemptions apply - if you are exempt please just let us know).
  3. Only bring essential items to clinic to prevent cross infection.* please see guidance below
  4. You shall not bring anyone with you to your appointment unless they are accompanying you for mental capacity or mobility issues. In these circumstances, your chaperone must also complete a Covid Questionnaire and follow the same procedures.
  5. On arrival at clinic, there will be a sign outside advising you not to come in. The door will be locked to prevent people just walking in off the street and risking potential infection. Therefore, you will not be able to gain entry to the clinic until your appointment time so please wait in the car on the drive or wait 2 metres away from the entrance or any other persons. (remember to bring a brolly if you’re on foot!) When the therapist is ready for you, they will call you on your mobile phone inviting you to your appointment or meet you at the door.  We will advise you whether to come in via reception or via the side entrance – depending on which therapist you are seeing to try and ensure there is no crossover.  Do not touch the door - we will open it for you both when entering and leaving the premises.
  6. You will be screened again to ask if any symptoms have changed regarding Coronavirus before you enter the building and asked to put on your face mask/face covering if not exempt.
  7. Your temperature will be taken. If it is within guidelines you will be invited into clinic.
  8. You will be asked to wash your hands or be offered antibacterial gel from an automated hand gel dispenser.  You will not need to touch it - it has a sensor underneath the nozzle and it will dispense when you place your hands underneath it.
  9. You will then be taken to the treatment room where your assessment and treatment will take place then you will discuss whether you need follow-up care as a face to face or if this can be managed remotely. 
  10. You will then be asked to leave the building without touching any doors (your therapist will do this for you) and please leave the premises without delay (sorry – this sounds really harsh but we don’t want you coming into contact with the next patient for your safety and theirs).
  11. The therapist and staff will then perform extensive cleaning in-between appointments ready for their next patient showing particular attention to hard surfaces.
  12. Your home exercise programme (if applicable) will be forwarded to you by email where possible
  13. You can pre-pay your appointment to try to speed things up in clinic and prevent contact. Where this is not possible you can pay be contactless method.
  14. It would be greatly helpful if you could go to the toilet prior to coming to clinic as we want to reduce the space in which people are entering/touching for risk purposes. Clearly, if nature calls you can use the toilets.
  15. We cannot permit you to enter wearing gloves according to current guidance
  16. Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE
  17. Please maintain a 2 metre distance between people/social distance on your journey to clinic
  18. Please be patient if the telephone is not answered. There will be an answer machine facility and this will be monitored as frequently as possible


Your patience is greatly appreciated. We’re trying our best to protect us all and this has changed our business almost beyond recognition but what is for sure and a constant is that you will get the usual helpful, friendly service we have always provided and we’ll do everything we can to reduce your pain/improve your quality of life. By attending your appointment you agree to abide by the contents of this information and help us keep you and everyone else as safe as possible..


Thank you. We look forward to seeing you!


The team at Sheffield Therapy Centre


*If you wear a face covering you should

Wash your hands through with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before putting a face covering on and after removing it. When wearing a face covering, avoid touching your face or face covering, as you could contaminate them with germs from your hands. You will need to take your face covering home with you and keep it on for the duration of your visit if you can.  If you are exempt just let us know.