Common Injuries & Aches/Pains


Bone Stress Injuries

Signs of Bone Stress Injury:


  • Gradual onset of pain
  • pain doesn't 'warm-up' (ease/go-away) with training
  • localised bony tenderness
  • eases with rest early on


In the early stages, X-Rays MISS 75-80% of all stress fractures.  MRI scans are superior but they are very expensive.  It's therefore better to get a full physio assessment of the history. 


Lee Higginbotham Sheffield Sports Physio Runnin

Return to sport prognosis for bone stress injuries are between 7-13 weeks through physiotherapy graded loading of the affected area.  Don't rush it and get a plan in place with your physio.


For fractures of the Tibia (leg), Radius (arm) and Scaphoid (wrist), LIPUS (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound) can reduce healing time by 30-38%!


8-21% of runners per year will experience a stress fracture.  Women are 1.5-3 times more likely than men to be affected!  (due to the density of bones).   Approximately 10% will definitely recur per year!


Stress reactions leading to stress fractures are when damage to bone occurs quicker than it can regenerate after heavy loads.  Ensure to manage the load, don't do too much too soon and remember that rest is important.


It is very important to correctly identify risks and not ignore symptoms are a bone stress injury as it may have long term implications for healing and future recurrence.  It could also lead from a small stress fracture to a complete break!  Seek professional advice. 


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Please note - this page is not to be used INSTEAD of seeking medical advice.  It is for guidance only and on a very general basis.  Seek individual medical advice at all times.