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Sports massage involves understanding the principles of fitness and athletic training, injury rehabilitation and related therapeutic applications. Practically it involves appropriate physical assessment, fitness testing, massage therapy, electrical and thermal therapy, taping and strapping, fitness training, remedial exercise and all related advice.  


We have many years experience in sports massage therapy and our massage therapy is delivered by fully qualified / HCPC registered physiotherapists.  You can therefore rest assured that you are in safe hands by choosing Sheffield Therapy Centre for your sports massage therapy. 



 Sports Massage Sports Therapy Sheffield


Our Physiotherapists will provide a deep tissue massage that will be tailored to your needs and help prepare and recover fromSheffield Sports Massage training and/or competitions.  In addition to our clinic patients we also provide Sports Massage for Events in and around Sheffield and England.


We help people from both sporting and non-sporting backgrounds. The methods used can have a rehabilitative and preventative benefit using techniques of massage and exercise recommendation following a comprehensive assessment and professional consultation.  Please check out our testimonials to see some of our impressive sports massage successes.


What are the main objectives of sports therapy?

The various objectives of sports therapy may include:

  • improving sports performance;
  • improving strength, power, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance;
  • improving recovery from training and competition;
  • identification of individual strengths and weaknesses;
  • improving posture, body contours, body awareness and well-being;
  • helping prevent injury;
  • treatment and rehabilitation of injury;
  • improving functional fitness.