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Each and every member of staff is valued at Sheffield Therapy Centre. We couldn’t do this without them. We couldn’t deliver our therapy services without our administration staff and we couldn’t deliver our therapy services without our therapists! Whatever their role or job, they have literally spent thousands of hours in research and training. We hope you like us!Female Physiotherapist Sheffield


Sarah Roe
Sheffield Therapy Centre - Director/Clinic Manager

Sarah started her career with the insurance giant Norwich Union (now Aviva) and worked her way up into management, ironically, movingSarah Roe - Practice Manager/Partner STC into the Healthcare / Private Medical Insurance sector. Equipping her with management skills, expertise in private health and customer service experience, Norwich Union provided a firm and sound basis for her future. Sarah has also worked in tourism, law and prior to Sheffield Therapy Centre, she worked for Sheffield Primary Care Trust (PCT) / NHS Sheffield. Sarah gained a valuable insight into primary healthcare in Sheffield, and the things which patient’s value and need. Sarah now manages everything from top-to-bottom at Sheffield Therapy Centre from organising rehabilitation contracts with national healthcare / medico-legal companies, marketing, financial planning / accounts, managing staff and of course making an awesome brew!  Basically, everything except the clinical therapy.

Sarah's love of her life is her son Lucas - AKA Boo Boo Bear.  Sarah works school hours only so that she be can be mum as much as physically possible.  Always the first to volunteer on school trips and always on the side-lines at junior football games, its safe to say that Lucas has a hands-on mum.  The business is of course also a passion but thankfully she is able to balance this as she employs receptionists to look after things outside school hours.  Between Lucas and Sheffield Therapy Centre, this leaves little “Sarah” time, but when the odd magical spare hour does come along (yeah right), she loves nothing more than a session at Spa 1877, swimming, and “lunch” with her buddies. Since her first visit to Calgary and Banff some years ago and a magical trip to Levi - Lapland, Sarah has been promising herself to learn to ski properly.  She has also started learning to play the piano which she is finding both incredibly hard, and enjoyable.   Sarah finds herself waiting around a lot on the school run so not one to be able to switch off or just do nothing, she's learning Spanish via the Duolingo App.  It's amazing that a language could be learned on the school run so it's good all that time has been put to good use!!   Moving onto Mark; a truly wonderful, inspiring and funny man, husband and daddy.  Sarah also enjoys a night out in Leopold Square or Ecclesall Road, a slap-up meal at The Mossbrook or Il Lupo with Mark and Lucas, a cheeky glass of Rose wine (preferably Bollinger but beggars can’t be choosers hey?) and failing babysitters, snuggling up with Casino Royale, a cold glass of wine that inevitably gets kicked over the carpet and a large bag of Maltesers! She is also a massive football fan and since spending much of her time in the garden having footballs blasted at her, she's mastered a whopping 8 keepy-uppies!!  Watch out Ronaldo!  With the new addition to the family, Milo, a beautiful Cockerpoo a new hobby of walking has also cropped up!


Always the centre of a commotion but Sarah is meticulous in everything she does and is one of life's doers.  


Mark Roe - Sheffield Therapy Centre - Partner/Head Physiotherapist

mark roeMark entered the world of Physiotherapy as a mature student, more years ago than he would like to admit. Following a brief career in professional football at Doncaster Rovers, where injury forced early retirement, he was inspired to study at Huddersfield University to become a chartered physiotherapist due to his experiences as an injured footballer. To aid his studies and gain experience he worked for 3 years with the therapists at Huddersfield Town F.C. Academy. Following this he turned down the opportunity to work in professional football, in order to further his knowledge base working for the NHS. After graduation he went on to work at Rotherham General Hospital and worked his way up to be a Senior Physiotherapist. During his time at the hospital he worked in many departments such as neurology, respiratory, elderly, out-patients, sports injuries and orthopaedics. He now works full time at Sheffield Therapy Centre and is also Director of the Mark Roe Sports Physio Academy which specialises in the treatment of sports injuries. He has also worked as consultant physiotherapist to Sheffield Football Club, the world’s first football club. Mark is Sheffield Therapy Centre’s Head Physiotherapist and enjoys advising on any type of problem. However, due to his history and experience, he specialises in sports injuries. You can learn more about Mark on our sports injuries page and by visiting

In Mark’s scarce spare time (if only we could clone him as his services are in such demand he gets calls 365 days a year, yes, Christmas Day and New Years Day included!) – he enjoys a variety of sports. (Is this the season he finally hangs up his boots - again!).  Mark is also a keen runner and some would say with his arthritis and asthma he's an inspiration to others that want to start exercising.  His latest hobby is obstacle racing and has several Spartan Race's under his belt and comedy injuries as a result.  As a sports physiotherapist, he is clearly interested in all sports – especially football.  Watching, playing and coaching his son's grassroots junior football league team takes up pretty much all of his spare time but has been a very enjoyable experience.  He also enjoys comedy clubs, making a mess and boxing.  HIs latest round of one-to-one sessions with Clinton Woods has really given him a boost to his fitness and passion for fitness. 


Simon Edey - Sheffield Therapy Centre - Senior Physiotherapist

Simon first became interested in Physiotherapy following an accident which ended an otherwise extremely unremarkable career in rock climbing. Recovery from his injury (ok it wasn’t really that bad, he just sprained his finger), was assisted by a physio and this experience created an interest which eventually led to a completion of a Physiotherapy degree at Sheffield HallamSimon Edey Senior Physiotherapist Sheffield Therapy Centre University from 1997-2000. His first 10 years were spent (mainly) in outpatients at Rotherham General Hospital where he completed several postgraduate courses including the illustrious “Maitland” (part 1) and most of a Masters degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy earning him a Post-Graduate Certificate in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.


It was while at Rotherham that Simon met his “physio-brother-from-another-mother”: Mark Roe. Simon then proceeded to teach Mark everything that he knows – indeed Mark now acknowledges Simon as one of the many physios who might have told him something useful at some stage in the past (probably).  No, he definitely did. Simon was Mark’s mentor and so the in-house competition of who is best can be quite something at times. We’ve often been asked to clone Mark by patients so that there are more appointments to go around; we didn’t clone him, but we got as close as we could to getting another lovely physio in clinic who knows his stuff, is passionate about the recovery of his patients and is very friendly and funny too.


Simon is a very experienced “hands-on” musculoskeletal physiotherapist whose goal is to get the patient better as soon as possible returning to their activity whether that is at a high sporting level or simply to be able to walk to the shops!  We’re very privileged to have him on the team.


When not working for us, Simon spends most of his time running, going to the gym and driving his children around to their various sporting activities. He also loves cooking and his gorgeous Cockerpoo.




Matthew Scattergood - Sheffield Therapy Centre - Chiropodist / Podiatrist

Matthew runs our regular Chiropody / Podiatry clinic every Thursday morning.  With over 20 years experience, he is confident there isn't muchChiropody Clinic Sheffield Pdiatry Podiatrist he hasn't seen in the way of foot health.  He is registered with the Health Care Professions Council and his work is recognised by many insurers.  A very hard working man indeed and our patients are guaranteed to benefit from his experience and treatment.  Very little daylight in his diary due his loyal patients spreading the word, so be sure to book in advance.


Matt enjoys playing squash, supporting Liverpool FC and is  family man with three children and a wicked sense of humour; there is never a dull moment with Matt.  Thursday morning clinics are certainly a highlight of our week in clinic having him around. A highly experience therapist and one that can also make a superb cup of tea.  We love Matt.



Ophelia Atkin "Fee" - The Beauty Culture


Ophelia is our resident Beauty Therapist adding a little sparkle to our clinic.  She does nails, waxing, microblading, lashes amongst other things.  "Fee" is a real "foody" and great cook often sharing new recipes with us cooking things from scratch!  Fee is also Vegan so a great inspiration to us.  She manages her own diary and clients and can be found on the FRESHA app with a full list of prices and services which can be booked directly with her.  She can also be found on Facebook