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The variety of injuries we have to treat in clinic is fantastic.  We never know what is coming next and that is the way we love it.  Do you have a sports injury?  Overuse or general wear and tear/ageing problem?   We are also a helpful hand when it comes to accidents or mishaps.  Please see below a few of the things we've been involved in recently.




Dalton THUNDER' Smith - Sheffield Boxer - 09 February 2021

Dalton Smith Physiotherapy in Sheffield Therapy Centre

It is absolutely amazing to see Dalton Smith, Sheffield boxer  in our clinic having physio from Mark (Roe).  We have seen him from being a young boy helping and guiding him through his growth.  We often here stories of how someone is going to be the next big thing, but Dalton stood out from the crowd.  He is so focused Dalton Smith Physio Sheffield Therapy Centre and treats his physiotherapy treatment seriously, always committed and determined to be the best he can be.  We're delighted he is now seeing success and the best is yet to come.  On top of everything he is enjoying in boxing though, Dalton is such a lovely man who SHEFFIELD should be and is be proud of.  Absolutely love the photo and thanks so much for displaying our Sheffield Therapy Centre logo too.  All the best for Saturday, Dalton.









Happy New Year - 05 January 2021


Happy New Year to you all.  It's a tough start to the year we have a little good news for you in that we (physiotherapists and podiatrists) can work during this new lockdown period.  We will of course continue to operate as safely as possible and thank you for your patience in jumping through the hoops with us to keep us all safe.  See this information here:





Christmas / New Year opening hours 2020/2021


Wednesday 23/12/20                                          9am – 1.00 pm

Thursday 24/12/20 – 02/01/21                            CLOSED

Monday 04/01/21                                                 9am – 5pm


We will re-open as usual from Monday 04 January 2021 at 9am.   Please contact your GP or walk in clinic for emergencies.  You can book routine appointments via our website at and you can cancel any existing bookings via the link in your confirmation email or text.


We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and may you feel healthy, safe, happy and free in 2021.  Thank you for your support! Sarah, Mark, Simon, Matt and Ophelia.




Goodbye and Hello!!

Goodbye from us all at Sheffield Therapy Centre........and, Hello!!!


Goodbye seems like a strange way to greet you - but it really is goodbye to the old Sheffield Therapy Centre. It feels like such a long time ago that we closed our doors and battened down the hatches when we took the decision to close the clinic. So much has changed in those months.Sheffield Therapy Centre PPE Physio Our old business has gone, and we have been forced to find new ways of working so................ goodbye and Hello from the new and improved Sheffield Therapy Centre! (Or at least it will be improved very shortly when the new sign and renovations are finally completed!)


Should we stay or should we go?


When we first closed, we did wonder whether it was time to call it a day in all honesty. We thought about selling up as the prospect of getting into more debt to survive just didn’t appeal to us. We slept on it for a little while and decided we have to give it a go, debt or not. At least we’ll know we tried and we’ve always said, we’d rather regret doing something than not doing something. It was the mantra that gave us the courage to open in the first place! We love our jobs and we love you all too much to give up that easily so here we are, giving it a shot at survival! We hope you will support us and the many small businesses in your communities – you are some of those businesses too and we need to support each other.


Drum roll please.......


We’re re-opening on a part-time basis and we will be welcoming the first batch of Chiropody patients in on Thursday 2nd July. Hooray!!!   As explained when we had to cancel, we’ll be in touch with patients in date order of when we had to cancel them. Unfortunately, we won't get through patients as quickly as we'd like as our governing bodies have advised that we must have gaps in between patients to allow us to thoroughly clean in between patients and to ensure that there won't be any crossover of patients in reception meaning we'll see a lot less patients than usual.  This is inconvenient and unfortunate but it's essential to be able to operate as safely as possible and within guidance.  We've got a huge task ahead to get everyone booked in, not least because we've got to screen people in advance for Cornonavirus symptoms too, but we'll get to you all as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience in advance.  The guidance may change to allow us to increase the volume of patients but for now, it's a very slow process.


The same thing goes for our Physiotherapy patients. Mark will be back in clinic on Monday 6 July and will be working alternate days seeing his patients from pre-lockdown – if that’s you, we’ll be in touch very soon. Simon will be returning to work on Tuesday 30th July.  We only have a handful of slots available at the moment so please understand we have our hands tied at present. Once we have spoken to them we will be able to offer out further appointments. Due to current guidance, we’re only offering urgent appointments to people with injuries/significant pain. Routine massage is not available at the moment, unfortunately. Sorry – not our rules......


Keeping you/us safe


We’ve done a risk assessment and we think we’ve done as much as we can to minimise the risk of contracting Coronavirus. We’re even available via “telehealth” for consultations for those that don’t want to come into clinic. We’ve invested in a four figure sum of PPE equipment to keep us all as safe as we possibly can with automatic hand sanitisers, infrared thermometers, gloves, visors, masks and aprons with a strict procedure of screening and cleaning to be followed before being invited to clinic and an exit protocol too. Whilst we can’t guarantee you won’t catch it, we think we’ve taken as many precautions as we can.   You can find our booking information and Coronavirus screening documentation on our website and this will also be sent to you prior to your appointment for you to complete. It is essential that we have this information returned to us prior to your booking or unfortunately we won’t be able to allow you in to clinic.  See our appointments page for the booking information and what to expect when you arrive in clinic  We know some of you are big huggers, and we definitely are, e but for now, we'll leave those out.  Hopefully not long before a hug or a fist pump is in order!


What’s next? Models required – all welcome!!


We’ve invested in a new booking system which we’re live with now and we’ll publish it once we’ve booked our pre-lockdown patients in. You’ll be able to book, cancel or amend online 24/7 for added convenience. We’re also having a brand spanking new website but, “WE NEED YOU” to help us populate our story. You are part of our history and we’d love to see your experience of how we’ve helped you and publish photos or videos of you on our website! If you get chance, we’d love a review on Facebook via or you can email us on We’d love it if you gave us permission to use as testimonials too if we’ve helped you.   If we haven’t, please let us know directly and we’ll try and rectify that!

Still here? Well done – thank you! Keep going..... We promise not to rattle too much more...…


Goodbye and good luck to Gill E & Gill P- Receptionists


Gill Elliott has handed in her notice to retire. Sob sob........ she will be sorely missed, not least because she was our rock but also because we’ll really miss that wicked laugh ringing out around clinic! Gill Pascott has also retired – Gill worked Saturdays and provided a great service for us but has also decided it’s time to enjoy retirement and honestly, who can blame them both. Thank you to both Gills for your services.


New Pricing Structure


We hope you understand but while we’re on a skeleton staff of therapists and having to space out our appointments meaning fewer appointments can be booked, we won’t be offering our usual discounts for those of you that were registered with sports teams etc. Some of our prices have not changed since we opened some 13 years ago and we’ve soaked up annual increase after increase in running costs, we just can’t do that anymore. Our last price rise was over 3 years ago. Please also consider that our PPE costs have gone through the roof. So the bad news is our prices are increasing but the good news is, the prices are in line with other clinics and when you consider Simon, Matthew and Mark have near on 60 years experience between them, we hope you agree, we’re not over charging for our services. Once we're back up to full speed we'll be able to start the discounts again.


We have just invested in a new Laser therapy machine too to try and offer you other treatment options. This machine is ideal for those patients suffering from a range of conditions including osteoarthritis, muscular pain, tendonitis, bursitis, joint and nerve pain. It allows us to treat patients in the early stage of injury reducing pain and inflammation which means a faster resolution to your injury. So, whether your problem is acute or chronic, it’s a great adjunct to our treatments. We will be trying it out again on Mark’s knees! He trialled laser therapy last year at the Therapy Expo Exhibition and was amazed at the pain relief it gave him. Those of you that know Mark will know all about his knees so fingers crossed, we give it the green light.


New Prices  - see our booking page:  




Beauty Therapist

Finally, some of you know but we’ve also got a wonderful beauty therapist, Ophelia Atkin of the Beauty Culture working for us now providing nails, lashes, waxing, massage, facials, microblading and semi-permanent make-up. When she is allowed to return back to work, we would really appreciate your support in considering her services too. You can find out more about Fee here


Thank you for reading! We can’t wait to see you all soon,


Sarah, Mark and Team






With a heavy heart, we took the decision to close the clinic on Saturday 21 March 2020.  We had already restricted the number of patients we were seeing but decided to close completely.  We announced this on our social media sites and have also contacted each and every one of you personally that already had appointments booked in.  We couldn't keep you safe, and as our services are classed as non-essential at this time, we couldn't live with ourselves if we were responsible for spreading the virus within our community and obviously wider communities too.  Our NHS and frontline staff deserve our support and we fully commit to our responsibility of reducing the spread of this virus.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Please stay safe, look after each other and keep washing those hands. Thank you to all of our frontline services and NHS staff - amazing doesn't even cover it.   We look forward to seeing you again soon.. 


Lots of Love Sarah, Mark, Lucas & Team xxx



Specialist Sports Injury Clinic with Lee Higginbotham - SHEFFIELD

Has your training hit a brick wall through an injury or niggle you have?  Why not book in to see Lee Higginbotham who is one of Sheffield Sports Injury Specialistonly 3 physiotherapists in the UK to have qualified in the Olympic Sports Rehab Diploma.  He's recently worked at the World Athletics Championships in London with some famous faces but that's not to say you have to be at Olympic level to receive excellent care.








  • February Sports Massage offer * HALF PRICE * (perfect Valentine's Day gift voucher ideas)


Whether you're a hard core marathon addict, a steady 5k runner or someone that just wants to treat themselves, we've got the perfect offer for you this February!  All of our hour long sports massages are half price for the rest of the month of February with the option to stock up your account with 5 further massages at half price within 6 months if you like us!   See our Facebook page for more details.




Christmas gift vouchers - FREE Massage Stick with every £30 gift voucher  (while stocks last)


Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.......  It's that time of year where we're all scratching our heads as to what to buy for each other! Gift Voucher - Sheffield Therapy Centre How about a £30.00 sports massage gift voucher and a FREE massage stick!  Be quick though, we don't have many of these so they will go quickly! 


We're also offering a free spikey ball - ideal for massaging under your foot with every £28.00 Podiatry voucher.


Happy Christmas everyone!


Lee Higginbotham Physio - World Para Athletics 2017


We're very lucky to have a physio in our team that has recently qualified with a 'first' on the International Olympic Committee PG Diploma in Sports Physical Therapies. He has swapped clinic work for a week working as a sports physio in London at the World Para Athletics championships.  We're looking forward to seeing it on Channel 4 tonight (14/07/17).  It's not all been work though - he's taken a break today to feed the on-site duck team!  (No doubt he'll be analysing the gait of the duck waddle!) Enjoy Lee and we're looking forward to hearing all about it next week. 


Refurbishments - thank you for your patience - April 2017

We had put off ripping out that ancient fire for long enough, so we took the plunge and went for a new heating system. Sheffield Physio Clinic & ACL Rehab Specialists Whilst we were at it we had a full re-wire (Thanks John Johnson), new flooring throughout (thank you Dexters) and had everything plastered/painted!  You can imagine the upheaval this caused and we had to temporarily relocate to a local GP practice to continue the service but we're very pleased with a fresh look and more efficient cleaner energy usage.  Thank you for everyone's hard work and patience.


Football Charity Match - Reds v Blues 2016

We've provided event physiotherapy services for this wonderful charity football match for 3 years running now and they are getting better and better.  Mark pulled his boots on again for the Reds and put in a sterling performance stopping the blues scoring while he was on the pitch but sadly the Blues were too strong without him and won the match convincingly.  He's been scouted for more than one club since this performance, and found a new found love for football signing for an over 35's team.  Great day had by all.


Cricket Injuries - Physio Drop-In Clinic - Bawtry Road



We've been out on the road again with our drop in clinics.  This time saw us offering advice and treatment to cricketers!  It went down a real treat with those that were in attendance.  If you would like this for your club or gym, please do drop us a line on 0114 2390022.

Cricket physio - injuries Sheffield



Whiplash - Insurance Work


We have significantly and purposefully reduced our insurance work recently in the whiplash market. Many apologies to those requiring our services via this channel but it is no longer a viable option for us through most management companies.  We are of course available to see you on a direct/private basis should you wish.   Patients using insurance companies such as Westfield Health, BUPA, AXA PPP, Aviva etc (private medical insurance) will remain unaffected.  Thank you for your understanding.



Sheffield Half Marathon - Physio / Massage 10.04.16


We love helping our runners achieve their personal bests for events but we also love our local Sheffield Children's Hospital so when we were able to combine the two this year, we were delighted!  Thank you for asking us for the second year running to be involved in providing injury / physio advice and sports massage for those tired muscles. All money raised went towards this brilliant charity.

Running Physio Sheffield




Man City Academy vs Qualitas Football Academy 23.1.16


Sheffield Sports Physio


We were on the road again with our physio services this weekend supporting the Qualitas Football Academy at the impressive (understatement of the decade!) facilities of Manchester City FC.  Here we are on the only blue 3G pitch in Europe!  All of the boys played brilliantly and walked away with their heads held high with a 3-3 draw.  Two unfortunate penalties prevented the win but it was great to be involved and see the talent on display from both sides.  Wow.  Football has really moved on and with Gavin Bailey coaching these players for the past 2 years, you can certainly see his philosophy of "fast feet/fast minds" shining through in their delightful attacking playing style.  A slight hamstring injury to attend to and thankfully, nothing serious, we thoroughly enjoyed our day.  Well done to all involved and thank you for inviting us.

Qualitas at Man City Academy Sheffield Physiotherapist



Groin pain - Runner


Pain in the groin! After suffering pain for 2 months, initially only on running but this developed into constant pain for this patient.

At the initial session we used some functional activities to replicate the patient’s pain. Then through a thorough bio-mechanical assessment we implemented a rough medial arch support to offload the patient’s hip, which instantly removed pain in the hip during squats and lunges, which was a major concern for her initially. We gave her a progressive loading home exercise plan for the hip and lower limb to try and settle the sharp pains she was receiving which allowed her to walk without sharp pains for the first time in 3 weeks.


Although we have only seen this patient once, her sharp groin pains were immediately alleviated following our simple advice on bio-mechanics and lower limb posture correction following a thorough 1 hour assessment. The home exercise plan is designed to further reduce strain on the hip and help to it to settle before re-loading the hip to correct the bio-mechanical faults leading to this patients hip impingement condition. We will increase the patient’s functional rehab programme week-on-week as she progresses to get her back to the gym and running again.


Groin pain is a multi-facted pathology, meaning there is usually more than one cause for pain in the groin. Diagnosis can be hard due to this and the underlying bio-mechanical faults which is why a thorough bio-mechanical assessment is crucial to ascertain the mechanism by which the patients pain is occurring.


Third opinion = third time ‘lucky’ for this patient. She had seen a Chiropractor 3 times who did soft tissue work around her gluteals which only provided very short term pain relief. The NHS carried on this treatment believing this to be the cause; however, this increased the patient’s symptoms leading to constant discomfort rather than just on running. She was happy our functional biomechanical assessment revealed a rather different cause of her pain as previously suggested, and noticed instant improvement following our treatment.



Knee pain - Table Tennis Player - Hillsborough Physio Clinic


This patient is a keen table tennis player but was suffering some mild pain on rotation of knee whilst playing.  Determined not to let this stop him from playing, he sought fast advice from one of our professional physiotherapists.  We treated him with Patella mobilisations, and gave him a home exercise plan specific to movements used during table tennis to help get him back on track and allow him to play in the veterans world championships in Finland!  Congratulations. 


Traumatic Patella Dislocation - Ouch! - Physio Sheffield



Did you know that the Patella is the largest sesamoid bone in the body?  (Sesamoid means floating).  Pat on the back if you did!


Patella dislocations are usually due to trauma (impact at the side of the patella causing it to shift around the side of the knee).  However, this one was due to falling off the settee!  We used a combination of massage and ultrasound to reduce the initial swelling and gave advice on activity levels to reduce the risk of re-injury as the patient was active in athletics.  We also gave this patient a home exercise plan consisting of functional strengthening of the muscles around the knee to reduce her lateral instability and a rehab class at our Hillsborough branch to help her return to play sports.  The patient was confident that her rehabilitation was managed correctly and she was safely graded back to return to play for athletics and badminton.  Stability around her knee was improved sufficiently that rotation and plyometric activity could be initiated earlier than if no rehab had been followed.  Another happy patient.  Well done, Lee.



It is really beneficial being able to offer one-to-one rehab classes to functionally check the ability and progress before discharge.  

Here is a photo of one of our ACL rehab sessions.

ACL rehab Sheffield Hillsborough Physiotherapy Sports Injury



Drop-in physio clinic at David Coldwell Boxing


Did you know that as well as providing on-site physiotherapy we can arrange to come and do drop in clinics at your club Lee Higginbotham Boxing Injuries Sheffield David Coldwell Rotherhamteam or gym?  Following several recommendations of our physio's, this is what happened recently for David Coldwell - a local boxing promoterLee went on the road to treat David's back and wrist.  Thank you David for this opportunity.  It was a pleasure to meet you and see the great facilities you have.  Good luck to Jamie McDonnell and Gavin McDonnell that fight from this camp. Let us know if you'd like us to come and help you or your members.


Reds V Blues Celebrity Charity Football Match


What a fantastic, well attended day this turned out to be in aid of Cavendish Cancer Care and SWFC/SUFC communities.  Organised by Darren Clapham and Lucy Fairest-Clapham the public and well known faces turned out in their droves.  Special guests included Lee Peacock, Terry Curran, Matt Hamshaw, Sky Sports own David Garrido, Lee Chesters, Kris Travis and many more and our own sports physio, Mark Roe was asked to pull on his boots for the reds team (being ex-Doncaster Rovers).  The blues won 5-2 - it has to be said the scoreline equal at the point our Mark was on the pitch - he's still got it ;-)  Of course though, charity was the real winner in the end!   Photos from the day can be viewed here:




Reds v Blues charity football match sheffield physio





New partnership announced - Qualitas Football Coaching


Sheffield Sports Physio Drop in Clinics Qualitas Football Coaching


We are delighted to announce our new working partnership with the superb children's Qualitas Football Coaching.  Qualitas is a rapidly developing, high quality organisation and we are proud to be associated with them. 


We will be providing drop in clinics on 6 May 2015 6-8pm and 13 June 2015 9.30-12 noon at Henry Fanshaw School, Dronfield.  To book your free 15 minute sports physio consultation contact 





Ankle Pain in Cricketer - Sports Physiotherapy Sheffield Gleadless


This patient's injury was due to over-use, and new-use. From a long lay off over winter, he started training lots when  his body wasn't used to it.  In order to help with this injury we used ultrasound, soft tissue massage and gave him strengthening exercises which helped with the run up approach when bowling.  Due to us analysing the movement of his bowling and the improvements he's made, he's asked to come back for us to see if we can prevent other niggles he gets every season.  Of course! 


Success story – Rehab – 'Foot Drop' – Sheffield physio patient


Many people think that because we deal with a lot of sports injuries that we can’t help with general injuries/problems too. Please take a moment to read how we’ve recently been helping a patPhysiotherapist Sheffield Lee Higginbotham Foot dropient that previously suffered a stroke. This left the patient with ‘foot drop’ and unfortunately the patient kept tripping over his right foot when walking.


Foot drop can be a sign of a severe neurological condition. However, in this case it was muscle weakness following a stroke and a lack of specific rehabilitation in this area with previous poor advice.


The patient received rehab post-stroke in hospital, but it was only when he was discharged that he started with foot drop. This was one year ago.  His G.P suggested that he needed orthotics so he waited 4 months for an appointment.  Unfortunately, the orthotics didn't help. It was also suggested at this time that the cause was his quadriceps (it wasn't) but didn't suggest what else may help.  The G.P didn't mention or suggest that physio could help so the patient struggled for a year....until coming to see us *smug smilie* :-)


We educated the patient and gave him a home exercise plan for strengthening as some of his muscles were deficient. Our physiotherapist Lee also gave the patient spinal mobilisations on his lower back as his right side was tight causing neural tension in his leg.


His gait has greatly improved and his wife says that she has noticed him catching his foot and tripping less when walking. He has also stopped ‘shuffling’ as much too. His overall mobility on his feet has greatly improved after only 2 sessions, giving him greater freedom and quality of life. Both patient and wife are very happy! Happy patient = happy us. We love our jobs. Thank you Lee Higginbotham, for yet again, your hard work and dedication to patients.


Meet our face of Chiropody / Podiatry - WW2 hero Stan Turton

We are very lucky that our jobs bring us into contact with such a huge variety of patients from all walks of life.  The experiences we have had leave us pinching ourselves sometimes.  Next month alone, we will be working with the world famous Cirque du Soleil again when they come to Sheffield. We’ve had Sheffield sports legends Michael Vaughan and Clinton Woods in clinic and worked on Soccer Aid with the likes of Zinadine Zidane, Luis Figo, Alan Shearer to name a few at Manchester United’s Old Trafford.  We’ve had the pleasure to work with Torvill and Dean and we’ve even met the legendary Pele when he was guest of honour at the Sheffield FC centenary football match against Inter Milan whose team included world cup winner Marco Materazzi.  However, some patients come along and really stop us in our tracks.  Meet Stan Turton, our 90 year old WW2 hero.  Stan is a World War 2 survivor with some fascinating tales to tell – not least surviving The Battle of Angio in 1944 despite the German’s best efforts at bombing HMS Spartan on which he served. Chiropody Podiatry Sheffield - Stan Turton patient


Amazing, fascinating, awe-inspiring, insightful, brave, funny, clever, selfless….. we could go on but no words quite sum Stan up well enough.  When Stan attended a routine Chiropody appointment in our clinic with Matt Scattergood, the last thing on his mind was to pick up a little ‘job’ as a model.  We were looking for members of the local community to be part of our website and new literature so Sarah, our Clinic Director asked Stan if he wouldn’t mind doing a little bit of modelling for us as our “face of Chiropody”.  Stan was more than happy to oblige and even promised to wear his medals, blazer and beret.  We think he looks amazing.  Please just take a moment to take in the wonder of Stan Turton.


Sarah has almost finished reading his memoirs which he very kindly gave her which brought to life the agony, anguish and suffering they endured for us.  We’ve brought a smile to this man's face, just by showing an interest. When Stan tried to pay for his treatment Sarah told him we couldn't accept his money; this brought Stan near to tears.   He told her that nobody had ever done that for him before. What?!  As you can imagine, he is a proud man and refused a free treatment.  Well Stan, you may have defeated the Jerry's but you didn't defeat Sarah that day – not for the want of trying though but we think he realised he wouldn’t be leaving the clinic that day unless he took his money back.  As far as we are concerned, Stan will never pay for private Chiropody or Physiotherapy again in our clinic and it is the very least we can do.  We hope Stan will accept our gesture despite his pride and being such a principled man.  It has to be said - he has told us he will be paying for treatment in future and our generosity should go to the kids. This is the mark of the man and indicative of the fact that he thinks he was one of the lucky ones.  He went on to have a family and enjoy his life.... They don't make em like Stan anymore.... xxx


Just showing Stan an interest in what he has to say has put a smile on his face.  That makes us incredibly privileged.  People that have heard about our support of Stan unanimously agree that the Government doesn’t look after our soldiers nearly well enough.  Well, we can wait for the Government to do the right thing but we decided to do something ourselves too. We hope you will too, in some small way.



Price review/Credit/Debit Card review - Customer Survey

The good news is that we are for the fifth year in a row keeping our prices the same.  We have managed to do this because of your continued support and 'word of mouth recommendations' which means that we have been able to swallow increasing running costs because of increased patient numbers.  We have had to look at our non-essential services very carefully though such as our credit/debit card facilities.  Following consultation with our patients, we have no alternative but to introduce a small charge for our credit/debit card machine for the patients that use this service.


We recently consulted with our patients to establish whether our expensive credit/debit card machine was still viable/required,  as it has become increasingly more expensive.  The patients that took part in this survey told us that they would still like the service, even if it meant paying a small charge.  Some patients told us that they wouldn't mind paying by cash or cheque if it meant paying extra.   

With effect from 2 April 2013 patients using this facility will be charged at £0.50 each per transaction.  American Express will continued to be accepted but at a charge of £1.50.


There are several cash machines located near to the clinic below:


  • Nat West Bank – Gleadless Road
  • Sainsburys Supermarket – Gleadless Road
  • Esso Petrol Station – Ridgeway Road
  • White Lane Post Office – White Lane


You can pay still pay by cheque or cash free of charge.  As stated, we haven’t raised our treatment prices in five years so please be assured that we are doing everything we can to keep prices to an absolute minimum.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.




Sheffield Therapy Centre - Physio / Massage Patient - Trickshots Rob

Here is one of our physio patients' Rob Brown (with consent) displaying his outstanding talent at one of his golfing shows.  Now wonder he is in such demand.  Will he or won't he?  Take a look for yourself.  Thank you Rob for your continued support and patient loyalty.  We're looking forward to cheering you on on the 29th of September at Renishaw Golf  A few more videos can be found at You Tube via the Aspiration Group.






Committed to Professional Development - Physiotherapists

Here at Sheffield Therapy Centre we are always looking for new training courses to keep our physios up-to-date with the latest in research and evidence based treatments.  We've been busy booking various training courses around the country as well as organising and delivering in-house training. 


Family Sport Relief Mile - Sheffield Hillsborough Park - March 2012

Sheffield Physiotherapy Physiotherapist ClinicHaving watched John Bishop's ordeal for this year's sport relief, it inspired Mark, Sarah and Spiderman (almost Rudolph!) to run the Sport Relief Mile.  Lucas's first ever race and he managed the majority of it at an impressive speed - not bad for a 5 year old.  Sarah ran it with a sweater on, sunglasses on her head and a rucksack.  She didn't think it through.  Mark ran it with ease and for a tiny part of it, a 5 year old on his shoulders.  Sssshhhh, don't tell anyone.  Great fun and all for a good cause. 


Celebrity Central - Physio needed!

Michael Vaughan, Clinton Woods and John Boy Walton - December 2011

Well, we often say there is never a dull moment in our Gleadless clinic but when three of Sheffield's sporting legends dropped by - we were Sports Injury Sheffield Physiotherapy Cliniccertainly pleased to accommodate them.  Thank you to Michael Vaughan for the signed poster and for being every bit as lovely in real life as he comes over on camera.  Thanks to Clinton for always being kind, fun and taking time to chat to us.  Thanks to John for the tickets to Lakeside - all together now "One hundred and eeeeiiiiiiggggghhhhtyyyyyy" 






Continued Professional Development - Asics Running Course

Sheffield Therapy Centre is committed to the development of our physiotherapists and keen to learn new theories.   Plenty of potential new courses for next year and the Asics course looks excellent.  Our physiotherapists are highly experienced, however, with new research coming out, it is always important to develop knowledge.

Clinton Woods Boxing Fitness Sessions Westfield - Sheffield Legend - Nov 2011

Do you want to get fit but are fed up of the gym?  Why not try Sheffield legend Clinton Woods's boxingSheffield Physio Clinic Physiotherapy

fitness classes.  These come personally recommended by our clinic owner/manager Sarah.  It may seem a little daunting to attend a fitness class run by a former world champion boxer, but honestly - if Sarah can tackle it, most people can!  The classes are very hard work but extremely effective giving an all over body workout and burning some serious calories.  It is also fun!  Click here to download the timetable.  Please remember this is up-to-date at time of upload.


Memoires of a Spartan Race - Spartan Race - 02/10/11

Ever wondered what it would be like to run in a Spartan Race?  Need something a bit different to get motivated for fitness or just fancy a challenge?  Click here to read James Hope-Gill's account of being a Spartan!  Should you wish to join in, you will be required to sign a very detailed waiver and we at Sheffield Therapy Centre take absolutely no responsibility for any injuries sustained as a direct or indirect result of this article!  I'm sure you'll agree though, its a fantastic read and the photo's are amazing.


Running Injuries / Physiotherapy - Mark Roe in Spartan Race - 02/10/11

Want to wish our physio Mark good luck for his Spartan Race in Birmingham this weekend.  A bizarre father's day gift to him but one he'll never forget.  He's had a fair few injuries and has probably had more physiotherapy input than Micheal Owen, Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff put together so all the best Mark!!

Charity Night in aid of Sheffield Children's Hospital - Whitley Hall Hotel - 22/09/11

Sheffield Therapy Centre & Sports Injury Clinic Physio SheffieldTook our staff out on a black tie event and treated them to a nice meal and evening's entertainment with Alexandra, classical violinist (As Seen on Britain's Got Talent), Steve Symon - fantastic swing vocalist Sheffield Physiotherapy Physio Sheffieldand also the mesmerising Ben Z Magician.  Confident that sat bang next to the magician Sarah & Mark would see every trick unfold, we couldn't have been further from the truth.  It left us wondering whether he'd managed to temporarily tamper with their eyesight too.  One thing is for sure, the 1.3 carat diamond ring and Brietling watch that were up in the silent auction were kept well away from this talented trickster.  Not sure the insurance company would swallow a magician making them disappear!  We had a great night bonding and also won a signed SUFC shirt, an overnight stay from the Rutland Hotel and a case of wine!  Not bad and all in a good cause.  Thanks to Nick Johnson who MC'd for the evening and also Andrew Scott Clarke photography for taking some great shots.


Mark Roe Golfer - Mark Roe Sports Physio Sept 2011

Seems to be a favourite saying of ours - "never a dull moment" - but there really isn't.  It would appear that the former professional golfer Mark Roe was happily minding his own business and googling sports physiotherapist when he stumbled upon our very own, Mark Roe - sports physiotherapist!  He was amused at the name - and delighted at our Sheffield location being a local and all that so contacted him!  Had some great banter on the phone and we look forward to seeing him.   He said "Two famous Mark Roe's from Sheffield" - our Mark replied "To be fair, one Mark Roe is quite a bit more famous than the other!"  Well, as much as we love our Mark Roe - he is right there...... 


Thanks to Torvill & Dean - Sheffield Therapy Centre - Massage therapists - 04/04/11

Never a dull moment passes in our clinic!  We would like to thank Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean for the pleasure of allowing us to provide massage therapy services to them.  It was an honour and thoroughly enjoyable.  They were extremely nice to Mark & James (our physiotherapist & masseur) - don't you just love it when your childhood heroes are fantastic in "real life?!"  The added bonus were the complimentarty guest tickets and back stage passes.  Photo's here (couldn't get a good piccie of them in action - they were just too fast!) 

Boxing Injuries - Mark Roe Sports Physio - Record? - 09/04/11

It is not very often that Sarah is left speechless, but this patient enquiry left her stunned - almost to the point of wondering if it was genuine.  We all know the power of the internet and that once a website is up and running absolutely anyone can view it.  However, we were not prepared for the determination of one particular enquiry!!  Our customer catchment has just taken on a whole new turn.  Whilst it has not been unknown for people to travel to our clinic from all over South Yorkshire and surrounding areas, we certainly didn't expect a determined young boxer to travel to us from the Highlighands of Scotland, INVERNESS!!  This is an extroadinary 850 miles round trip for a physio appointment!!!!!!
Pete Williams, aspiring Scottish boxer was so fed up with his long list of injuries that were not being sorted he took to the internet and decided that distance was not going to be an obstacle to him, he just wanted a passionate physio who could give him answers and who'd had experience with professional boxers (Mark has worked with local legend Clinton Woods, Sheffield's Liam Cameron, Jamie McDonnell and many more).  This is how he discovered Sheffield Physiotherapist, Mark Roe smiling back at him from his computer.
Pete came all the way to see us from bonny Scotland and we are still in shock that he travelled so far to see our staff.  It is extremely flattering that he did such extensive research and out of all of the clinics in that HUGE area between Sheffield and Inverness, he chose us.  He booked into the St Pauls Mecure and yet another story emerges - after having a swim he got talking to a lad who was going to none other than a boxing event (Scotland vs England in the GB Championships) in the hotel that evening to which he managed to bag the last ticket!  What's the chances of that? 
We absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to give him the works when he came down to see us and booked almost an entire day out to see him checking him from top to toe - even our Chiropractor, Dr Mike Bates came into work on his day off and gave him a thorough assessment.  We've also given him a full report to take to a local physio to work with him but he is insistent that he will be back again later in the year to see Mark as he was so impressed and grateful.  It seems we have a new friend in the form of this fantastic lad who isn't going to let distance and injuries get in his way - indeed, we're treating him to ringside tickets and a night out for a boxing event where Jamie McDonnell (European Champ from Doncaster) will be one of the headliners.  All the best to a wonderful lad who truly made us smile last weekend.  Google - you've take us to a whole new level!

Final football score - 27/2/11 - Help for Heroes - Knee Injury galore

Well, despite the age and weight ratios being against the ex-Donny Rover's boys, they showed why they were after all once professional footballers.  The final score was 6-1 in favour of the ex-pros, however, the army boys certainly ran them ragged and gave them a game.  Physio Mark did say he was going to take it easy as we all know he has dodgy knees and with an arthroscopy coming up, he was supposed to be leading the guys on the pitch and then making a graceful exit.  The whistle blew, "his head went" and he thought he was 19 again!  An heroic goal line clearance and friction burn on his knee the size of Sheffield to show for it , okay the size of a bingo dobber and it was game on!  He made it to half-time and did us all proud.  A great day raising over £1000 for Help for Heroes.  Many thanks to all the volunteers and spectators that came out in support on a grotty day.  Special thanks to SWFC's Chris Thacker who ran the line for us, Alistair Dean who was ref (and was shocked to be called Sir during the game!) and also John O'Malley photography and David Rains who took some absolutely fantastic piccies.  Also thanks to the girls that collected on the day.


Sheffield Physiotherapist Mark Roe in photoshoot with Army Sgt Chris Nicholson - Help for Heroes - 27/2/11 - Gosforth Fields - 2pm kick-off


Final preparations are being made now for the charity football match we told you about recently in aid of Help for Heroes.  Today saw us Sports Injury Physio Clinic Sheffieldhaving a photoshoot with the 2 skippers from each side along with pre-match interviews.  The ex-Donny Rovers youth team are taking on the army young guns and both lads are predicting a close game with charity being the ultimate winner.  Who knows what will happen but already there has been a significant amount of money donated via so they're quite right. 


Thank you to Toga Sports  - the kit has arrived and has excited Physio Mark no end!  Huge thank you again to Dennis Hobson Promotions for kit sponsorship too as every penny counts.


Chris happily posed for photo's and the interview will be posted online soon once editing has taken place of Sarah's giggling fits and frankly some daft questions!  In all seriousness though, hope you can come or donate via the above link as in our opinion, this is a very very worthy cause indeed.


Happy Christmas from our clinic - alternative Physio message - AKA Rudolph - Christmas Pudding - Its all about the kids!




Help for Heroes - Football Match - Army vs ex-Doncaster Rovers youths - 27 Feb 2011 - Kick-off 2pm

A night on the tiles with his ex-team mates, and our Sports Physio Mark thinks he's Zinadine Zidane.  It would now appear that the old boys from Doncaster Rovers youth team are going to pull their boots on for the fantastic cause of Help for Heroes and take on the Army football team from the Fourth regiment royal artillery LAD - (mechanics & technicians responsible for repairing equipment).  Mark has put himself forward as Chief Organiser of this match so watch this space for an afternoon of worthy football on 27 February 2011 at Gosforth Fields, Dronfield  Thanks to them for being so fantastic in providing a free pitch for the event.  If you or anyone else can help with anything, please do let us know on  Be great to see you, but if you can't attend and agree it is a good cause, please donate if you can at  A timely announcement considering our city should be proud of soldier Karl Ley who won awards for his courageous work recently.



Sheffield City Hall - Last Laugh Comedy Club - Christmas Bash - December 2010

It seems like only last week that we booked our Christmas celebrations, and now they've been and gone!  What a great night - the comedians were fantastic and had us literally crying with laughter!  At one point, a blue serviette was used to wipe away the tears and it bled smearing blue streaks all over Sarah's face!  (Oh well, at least she was in company colours!)  Well done to everyone that turned up in the snow and arctic conditions! 

Sheffield Football Club - 153rd Anniversary - Backing the Bid 2018 - October 2010

Sheffield Physio Clinic


Sarah & Mark were delighted to attend the 153rd gala dinner celebrations for Sheffield FC at Baldwins Omega.  A fabulous night and the charity auction raised valuable funds for Boots for Africa.  Here is a photo of them "Backing the Bid" - lets hope that come December, FIFA are giving England, and in particular, Sheffield some great news about the world cup in 2018!! 


Sheffield Therapy Centre & Sports Injury Clinic - Hallam FM - Facebook/Twitter launch 24 September 2010

We officially launch our facebook and twitter pages today with the help of Hallam FM and in support of Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.  We are hoping to gain a miniumum of 1000 Facebook and Twitter fans and if we do, we'll be giving £500 towards this fantastic appeal. 


We're hoping to pack our posts and tweets with useful facts and information on health and sports and also let you know when we have special offers or events.  All you have to do is click the links on any of our pages (Twitter is on the Home Page) and start being a fan or follower!  To give us a better chance of hitting the 1000 mark, please also suggest us to all of your friends telling them they'll be raising funds for Bluebell Children's Hospice just by simply clicking!!


As an added incentive (as if you'll need one!) you can also apply for a £10 voucher for Physiotherapy or Sports Massage if you have anyMark, Lucas & Sarah aches and pains that need seeing to Just request your voucher through our wall - simple! 


Good luck to Hallam FM and Bluebell Wood and we thank goodness that Lucas (Sarah & Mark's little boy) is a happy and healthy little soldier.  Happy 4th birthday today Lucas!! 


BUPA Great North Run - Sheffield Children's Hospital - 5 September 2010

Sports Massage SheffieldStar worker of the month goes to James Marvin, our Sports Masseur for working at the Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield and helping such a wonderful charity.  It was a close call for the winning spot with just one second in it!   Congratulations to everyone that took part in the run - there were lots of tired aching legs in need of James's fantastic services. 


Sheffield City Hall - Christmas Last Laugh Comedy Club - 4 December 2010

Who on earth could be thinking of Christmas celebrations already?   Well, having lost out on the Last Laugh Comedy Club last Christmas, Sarah our Practice Manager was determined not fall for the same trick again this year!  Unbelievably, almost all of the tickets are already sold out for the one we're going to!  So, she's not the only one to be so organised!

Event - Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trusts - 15 Sept 10Physio Sheffield Rehabilitation

Sarah and Maria are delighted to be attending this fantastic charity race night in aid of Cystic Fibrosis at the Royal Victoria Holiday Inn.  Hope they are as lucky in the raffle this time too.  Here are some of the team at the last charity event at Sheffield Wednesday's ground. 



Physiotherapist - Sheffield Football Club - Chairman

Mark is in training with Chairman Richard Timms of Sheffield FC.  They are both aiming to get fit for a charity climb of Killimanjaro.  It is only the highest mountain in Africa, so all the best gentlemen!  You can do it!


Hollyoaks FC v Hallam FM All Stars - Keepmoat Stadium - 10 July2010

Mark, Paul, James and Tom supported yorkshire's Cash for Kids charity and provided the physiotherapy and sports massage for the celebrity charity football game at Doncaster Rovers' ground.  The Hollyoaks team were victorious with the final scored being 3-2 but the real winners were the region's needy children as the game raised almost £15,000 in donations.

Mark and Zidanecalzaghe mark and giggsSoccer Aid 2010 - Unicef - Training/Match/After-Show Party - June 2010

What a week it has been for our Physiotherapist/Partner Mark and Practice Manager/Partner Sarah.  Mark has spent the week in London working for Fulham Football Club providing physiotherapy services to the Soccer Aid 2010 teams for the game at Manchester United's ground at Old Trafford.  We have some fantastic photo's including the aftershow party and will upload them asap.  If you want to take a peek, check out our facebook page.!/album.php?aid=18083&id=123246551026471 

In the meantime, if you can spare any pennies, you can still donate at


Mark Roe of the Sheffield Therapy Centre and Mark Roe Sports Physio Academy was one of only four Physio's selected in the entire country to work with Robbie Williams on this years UNICEF and Soccer Aid 2010 event.  The lucky four were selected via Fulham Football Club's medical team and Mark was the only northern lad to be picked. 


The event involved spending a week in London training and preparing the celebrity players and ensuring that they were all in as fitter state as possible.  Mark was assigned to the Rest of the World team which was made up of the likes of football royalty such as Zinadine Zidane, Luis Figo, Ryan Giggs, Henrik Larsson, and celebrities Nicky Byrne & Shane Filan of Westlife, Gordon Ramsay, Woody Harellson, Joe Calzaghe, Gethan Jones, Mike Myers, Martin Sheen, Patrick Kielty, Brian Lara and many more.  The England team was of course captained by Robbie Williams and he was accompanied by Alan Shearer, Jamie Redknapp, Paddy McGuinness, Nicky Butt, Bradley Walsh, Ricky Hatton, Olly Murs and again, many more!  A completely surreal week which, to work with just one of these people would have been amazing, but spend an entire week with them was unbelievable.


Sports Injuries Rehab - Sheffield PhysiotherapistOnce the training in London was finished with, it was up to Manchester to prepare for the big game at Manchester United's ground at Old Trafford.  Again, full of surprises - an impromptu tour of the ground led by Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs was a particular highlight for Mark as well as meeting his hero Zinadine Zidane.  Without a doubt, this was the most exciting game of Soccer Aid  so far and went to a nail-biting finish with penalties.  Goalies Patrick Kielty and Jamie Theakston were awesome in their performances, but the match winning penalty came from the unlikely source of the Rest of the World team and Hollywood star Woody Harellson who didn't even know where to place the ball to take the kick!  The important thing was that he knew where to kick it and knocked it past the goalie to clinch the Rest of the World's win - maybe Mark was their lucky charm as they had never beaten England before. 


As if this had not been good enough, Mark was then invited to the glitzy VIP aftershow party with wife, Sarah.  The organisers had hinted that theSarah & Nick - Physio Event - Soccer Aid Physio's were only invited to the crew party only but once Gordon Ramsay got wind of this, there was never any doubt which party the Physio's would be at.  Having spent a week ensuring the fitness of the players, Gordon realised the importance of the Physio's in the Soccer Aid team and in his words "without you lot, we wouldn't be on the pitch!"  What a man.  A little bit of straight talking and maybe the odd curse - and the golden tickets were in hand in a flash!  There was an absolutely amazing turnout for the party, with wall-to-wall celebrities - even comedians such as Al Murray, John Bishop, Jimmy Carr were all there.  There is an old saying that you should never meet your heroes as you'll probably be disappointed.  Well, there is always an exception to the rule.  Mark spent a week with his hero's and Sarah got a cuddle from Jamie Redknapp AND Nicky Byrne -  what more could a girl ask for?  Doubt she has washed her hands since!  As usual with Sarah though, there is always a catastrophe of some sort and she managed to stand on Nicky's foot with her very high, and very pointy shoes but thankfully, he saw the funny side and was more disturbed at the fact he'd missed TWO penalties!  


When Mark began his studies many moons ago it involved lots of voluntary work in care homes and endless studying – quite rightly too.  That hard work is now paying off and when he met Pele a couple of years ago when he worked the game for Sheffield FC vs Inter Milan, he did not think in a million years that that experience could be topped.  It just goes to show that you never know what is round the corner for Sheffield Sports Physiotherapist, Mark Roe.  Raising two millions pounds for UNICEF, quite simply, this was a week that dreams are made of. Mark Roe and Zinadine Zidane Soccer Aid Physio Sheffield


Fulham Football Club  - Soccer Aid 2010 - June 2010

A huge thank you to Fulham FC's medical staff for inviting our Sports Physiotherapist, Mark Roe to aid them for the week for Soccer Aid 2010 in aid of Unicef and masterminded by Robbie Williams.  A celebrity football match with England versus the Rest of The World. Hosted at Manchester United's football ground - further details can be found at The photo on the left with Zinadine Zidane takes pride of place in clinic to this day.  


Weblynx - IT Update

Thanks to Paul Winterman of Web Lynx who came to see us today to give us additional training on our website.  After discovering we were using a website browser from circa 1954, his IT skills saved the day.  Look out for our very own You Tube channels coming soon... 

Should you also need IT or web design, check out

Handley Brown Solicitors - Sheffield City Hall June 2010

We are delighted to have been invited as VIP guests to the City Hearts Fashion Show on 19 June 2010. Tickets are priced at £10-£12 and this is for a great cause. Sponsored by Handley Brown solicitors and George Sampson will be performing too. Definitely up Sarah's street and all in aid of City Hearts.  Fashion fans check out


Real Radio - Take 5 quiz - May 2010 - Day 3

The turn of Pop music today and although we can be regularly heard humming along to tunes and sometimes catching Mark dancing in the kitchen, we were stumped today.  A disappointing 2 out of 5 dashing any hopes of victory leaving a mountain to climb in the final 2 days!


Real Radio - Take 5 quiz - May 2010 - Day 2

It was day 2 of the quiz with Real Radio today - the nerves haven't settled yet but thankfully, we've done ourselves proud again today!  It wasSheffield Physiotherapy Physio Mark's turn to take over on the phone and we got 5 out of 5 again which we were really happy with (and shocked!) but unfortunately, the 'manager's special' bonus question eluded us!  Ghost Hunting on Living is not really our thing - obviously!


Real Radio - Take 5 quiz - May 2010 - Day 1

We took part in our first ever radio quiz today (Monday 17th).  Ian stood in for a poorly Pete at Real Radio and we plumped for current affairs - nervously!  Sarah did us proud (with the team's help of course!) We think we had a bit of beginners luck as we got all of our questions correct - including the bonus question!  A fluke?  No doubt, but a great start nevertheless!  The pressure is on to keep it up!  Get well soon Pete, and please go easy on us tomorrow!


Physiotherapy Vacancy - Rotherham United Ladies Football Club - May 2010

We've been asked to spread the word by our friends at Rotherham Utd Ladies FC that there is an opportunity to gain some valuable experience by working with their team on a voluntary basis.  This may suit a final year physiotherapy student also.  For further information please contact the first team manager , Paul Durrands 


Sheffield Therapy Centre - Re-brand, new logo and new websites - May 2010

At last, we have our new website!  We also have our new logos for Sheffield Therapy Centre and the Mark Roe Sports Physio Academy.  Hope you like them, we do!


Sheffield Therapy Centre – Head Physio attends training course with England Football Club’s Gary Lewin – April 2010 Mark Roe Sheffield Physio with Gary Lewin England Physio


Mark attended a training course at the Sheffield United ground with guest speakers from Nike, the Great Britain and Winter Olympics Physiotherapy Team and Gary Lewin, England Physio.  As Mark is our Head Sports Injury Physio, we felt this was a course not to be missed.  The course included the development of Nike running shoes, treatments of tendonopathies and ruptures of the Achilles Tendon (such as the injury David Beckham has suffered).  Before you ask Mark, you’re too busy with your physio patients here to go off with the England squad!  




Sheffield Therapy Centre – Champagne Valentines Ball Event – Cash for Kids & MacMillan Cancer – Feb 2010 Sheffield Wednesday - Cash for Kids & MacMillan Cancer

Sheffield Therapy Centre staff attended this fantastic event hosted at the Sheffield Wednesday ground. It was a great excuse to get the glad rags on and indulge in the odd tipple.  We all had a fantastic evening in support of two very worthy charities. Our luck was in too as Maria (receptionist), Sarah (Practice Manager) and Mark (Head Physiotherapist) all won prizes in the raffle!   




John 'Boy' Walton raises Sheffield Therapy Centre profile on BBC1! – December 2009

Mark Roe Sheffield PhysioSheffield Therapy Centre would like to congratulate Sheffield’s very own darts player for making it to the Darts World Championships at Lakeside.    In particular, a big thank you to John for wearing our clinic badge during his interview on BBC1 raising our profile on national television. Good luck with the darts John 'Boy' Walton!






NSPCC Event – Ponds Forge – November 2009Ponds Forge Sheffield - NSPCC Aerobathon

Sheffield Therapy Centre is proud to support the NSPCC and Sarah was a willing participant in their first Aerobathon at Ponds Forge in November 2009.  As a loving mum, this charity strikes a chord with Sarah and she was more than happy to attend as a volunteer for the night.  The action-packed 2-hour aerobics session was attended by existing gym members and by some staunch NSPCC supporters who raised desperately needed funds. This was the first event Sarah had volunteered at and she had an amazing time, especially rewarding as the donations received has gone to this fantastic charity.  Thanks to the instructors that made her use muscles not used in years!"   


Masseur to the stars – Muse!

James Marvin & Chris Wolstenholme MUSEThank you to Muse for one, asking Sheffield Therapy Centre to provide massage therapy to them when they were playing at the Sheffield Hallam FM Arena, two for putting on an absolutely stunning show which our sports masseur James Marvin had the pleasure of seeing and three, to Chris Wolstenholme for posing for a photo.  Also for being a “top bloke” whilst chatting to James about Rotherham United.  Thanks also to the Sheffield City Hall, the Lyceum and the Hallam FM Arena for your kind assistance.




General and older news stories

As well as treating our general public, we have also been very busy in other areas.  It’s all busy, busy, busy at Sheffield Therapy Centre & Sports Injury Clinic!


Chris Waddle, John Sheridan & Mark Roe Sports Physio SheffieldThis month has seen us providing therapy services to the world famous professional Cirque du Soleil when they performed at the Sheffield Hallam FM Arena.  Also, the Head Physio is still providing his services for Sheffield FC.  They recently hosted a star-studded celebrity football match in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Mark provided his services free of charge for this worthy cause.  Present at the game was the legendary Chris Waddle, John Sheridan, David Hirst, John Beresford, Tommy Craig, Scott Sellars and Clinton Woods as well as many others.  The All Stars played against a team of actors from Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Shameless, Dreamteam and the Doctors. 




There is also a lot of Continuing Professional Development taking place with specialist training from the sports company Asics, and also First Aid refreshers from St John's Ambulance.


We're also undertaking a customer service questionnaire exercise.  All customers that provide us with their valuable feedback will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the year.


Thank you to all of our customers for keeping us in business during these difficult financial times, we do truly feel lucky to have you.  Thank you also for the giggles that some of you give us, that really is an added bonus of the job!

Thank you for reading!