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“Whenever I need a speedy recovery from injury, I always consider Mark. His knowledge and treatment of injuries is first class and the staff in clinic always make me feel welcome.”  Michael Vaughan - Former England Cricket Captain


Sheffield Therapy Centre have always provided me with a fantastic service; from friendly first contact staff to understanding experienced professionals. They have always been spot on at diagnosing and rehabilitating my countless injuries from many years of hard training and 'laissez-fair' attitude. 
They have also treated many of our fighters over the years understanding the nature of our high impact sport and the injuries it poses. Great place, great people.
Trix March
Sheffield Thai Boxing Gym Wicker Camp.


Sports Injury Physio Patient"If it wasn't for treatment from Mark Roe, I wouldn't have been able to compete at the highest level.  I'm eternally grateful for his hard work and dedication in treating my injuries and keeping me fit!" Lee Chesters – “Chico” Former - WMC Thai Boxing World Champion





Sheffield Half Marathon feedback


"Hi - Could you please pass on my thanks for all the help that Nathan gave me in getting me to the finish line of the Sheffield half marathon. With two weeks to go I developed a calf injury which Nathan treated, with excellent results.  I had a target time of 2 hours, which I thought I would not achieve due to the injury. However, with Nathan's help I did 1:51:58 which I was delighted with.

So please pass my thanks to Nathan for a job well done. We both nailed it!"  2016 Runner - Sheffield Half Marathon


Calf injury sports physio Sheffield





Shane Brown Sports Injury Sheffield Physiotherapy




"I would like to thank Mark for the physio sessions I had on my Hamstring pull.  I was almost certain to miss my cup final but with the help of Mark I managed to play, score and make an assist. You wouldnt have believed I was injured 4 weeks prior.  LEGEND!"  Shane Brown, Sheffield













“Hi Sarah, Just a note to say how fantastic you guys are!


I have been struggling with my knees for as long as I can remember, walking down hill would be painful, and my thighs and calves were so tight I could hardly bend to tie my shoelaces. My doctor would say surgery is an option but risky. So I thought that’s just how the cookie crumbles and had better live with it.


This time last year I decided to set myself a challenge, not a little challenge but a massive one, a challenge to be proud of.  My optimism and self-belief has always been, well, let’s say on the optimistic side of things but friends and family could not believe what I had got myself into this time. I booked myself onto a mountaineering expedition to climb a mountain called Lobuche in the Himalayas at 6019m (over 20,000ft) it’s a high mountain but also a technical climb.


I went to Scotland in February last year to get the winter mountaineering and climbing experience needed. *In March I came to you guys because I had heard what you can do and Lee (Physiotherapist) put me through a lot of pain to release my IT band and to re align my knee's and after just a few visits my legs were working pretty much how I remember them working 20 years ago*.


In April I flew out to Katmandu and joined the rest of the expedition. The others were all younger fitter and experienced climbers.  We set off;  It took 10 days hiking just to get to the mountain.  On arrival we set up base camp, the following day we took everything up to high camp. The morning of the ascent we set off at 2am, as we wanted to get to the summit before the clouds came in.  So by the light of the moon and head torches we started our final accent. We were already something like 5500m (1800ft) so oxygen was thin, it’s about minus 5 -10 degrees and there is this huge rock face to climb. I have to admit standing at the foot of this rock face I was daunted, it was freezing, it was dark and there was only one way to go.


After 4 hours of rock climbing we came to the ice and snow climbing section and dawn was approaching. An absolute magical time even now thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. Standing high on the side of this white mountain just me and my guide I had a clear view of Mount Everest on the other side of the valley, I took some time out and watched the sunrise behind Mount Everest; That moment that will stay with me forever. After a further 3 hours ice and snow climbing I reached the summit, the most exhilarating hour in my whole life, I felt wonderful, absolutely terrific high as a kite and relieved as hell that I made it. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and as I looked across at Mt Everest, I noticed something, I noticed that for the first time I was not looking up at Everest I was looking across at Everest. Of course what a lot of people forget is once you get to the top, you also have to come down. It would be another 8 hours climbing down and walking to a hut to rest for the night plus another week hiking to get to transport. I was totally knackered, had been through multiple times when I thought I was just too exhausted to go on, *but my legs and knees never gave up on me and I never felt any pain whatsoever and that is something I never thought I would be able to say.* As a footnote.  The guide and I were the only ones to make it to the top from my expedition, how that happened I don’t know, I had less experience, less fit and the oldest by far and yet I was the only one to make it! I share my experience with you as I believe that I probably would not have made it to the top, had I not come to you for help. So once again many thanks. Also take a look at my video from the top feel free to link it if you like it video link http://youtu.be/Kq0hyU7L2GE "

Lee Furness - Public Speaking Academy Ltd



"It's because of Mark that I started running. He freed my back off when it was stopping me from doing any sort of sport. Since then . he's fixed my neck, back, hamstring and ankle. Any problems, I'm straight up there.  I would recommend the clinic to anyone".  Pete Frost, Sheffield RunnerPete Frost Sheffield Physio patient 10 k



 "Mark has helped me a lot over the past few years especially when preparing for title fights.  He’s an excellent physio and I can highly recommend him to anyone who has an injury or who wants to know how to prevent one”  Clinton Woods –Former IBF World Heavyweight Champion – and official Sheffield Legend



"I attended Sheffield Therapy Centre with a burning sensation, pain in my thigh and back pain.  After treatment, it was resolved and I can Physiotherapy patient - Sheffield Therapy Centrethoroughly recommend this practice for a totally friendly and relaxed atmosphere as well as treatment that gets results”. Janet Gregory -Physiotherapy Patient.






"I was playing football at a high standard before I had to have numerous injuries in my knee.  As a result, I started to fall out with the game and finally underwent an ACL reconstruction which required several months of intense physio.  Mark couldn't have been more helpful putting me with Lee one of his work colleagues who specialises in ACL Rehab to help me strengthen and regain movement in my knee plus recovering my fitness. It was a tough process, but now I am back to playing my football again and most of all enjoying it!  This couldn't have been achieved without  the hard work, time and guidance Mark and his team gave me - so for that, I really owe them one".  Finlay Barker- Sheffield FC 


"I saw Mark at his practice and he was amazing with my treatment. I was offered an appointment within 24 hours of my injury, ultra professional attitude and diagnosis, followed by first class treatment from start to finish.  Mark had me back on my feet, training and playing much earlier than previously anticipated by another consultant elsewhere.  I would have no hesitation in using his practice again and I would certainly recommend Mark to other people.  I have since recommended other team mates and colleagues who have also received the same care and high standards from Mark.  Mark is a credit to the Physiotherapy world!" Gemma Gale – ex - Sheffield Football Club Ladies team & Sheffield Wednesday Ladies.  Sports Injury Physiotherapy Patient


I had a fall in Chesterfield and landed badly on my knee. To cut things short I was under the hospital, who after numerous visits told me the best thing he could offer me, was Crutches!!  I was told it was my Lupus causing the problem and I was discharged.   I went to see Mark Roe and within half an hour he had diagnosed the problem and referred me to Barlborough for an operation.  I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to Mark, he is a credit to his profession.  It is just a pity that there are not people like mark running our hospitals.  All too often people with Lupus are fobbed of with the excuse that the problem lies with the Lupus, when it is so-called experts not doing their jobs correctly”. Yours Very Gratefully, Hazel Hollingsworth, Eckington, Sheffield. Physiotherapy patient.